Dr Ye - treatment room

Dr Ye provides a wide range of Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments:


Consultation / System Assessment

Traditionally using 4 methods of diagnosis 望 闻 问 切, the Diagnosis by Observation, Interrogation, Palpation, hearing and smelling, a well trained Chinese doctor is able to identify what is wrong in your body before asking you a lot of questions about your health. you will be amazed how “spot on” my diagnosis is only by taking your pulse! Half an hour initial consultation is free.    



Our body is covered by different circuits of channels that connect organs with skin, muscles and joints. These circuits are the pathway of Qi / Vital Energy, the flow of which can be activated by insertion of hair-fine needles as if electricity is switched on to flow.


Acupressure / Massage (Chinese Style Shiatsu Massage)

A hands-on therapy to work on the channels to help soothe and unblock the trapped energy as well as re-vitalise it. My special style of massage is derived from Chinese Kongfu which l learned from my teacher Dr Lin, a Kongfu Master. A routine of my treatment is always recommended to combine 30 minutes of acupuncture with a further 20 minutes acupressure, which efficiently speeds up the healing of the body.  


Reflexology/Herbal De-Toxic Foot Massage

A warm De-toxic herbal  foot bath followed by deep-tissue reflexology massage on the feet, working on different reflective points. It is both relaxing and therapeutic.



Loved by celebrities, cupping is believed to speed up the excretion of toxins onto the surface of skin inducing the healing of body by deliberately introducing bruises in the application of cup-suctions. It is found especially good for pains and back tension.

chinese herbal medicine

Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine is usually advised to bring in good De-toxic and tonic effect if the health problem is too profound to be dealt with by only acupuncture or massages.